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List of publications

 Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers (published or accepted for publication)

J7     Kronqvist J., Bernal D. E., Grossmann I. E. Using Regularization and Second Order Information in Outer Approximation for Convex MINLP. Mathematical Programming, 2018 (

J6    Kronqvist J., Bernal D. E, Lundell A., Grossmann I. E., A Review and Comparison of Solvers for Convex MINLP. Optimization and Engineering, 2018 (

J5    Kronqvist J., Bernal D. E., Lundell A., Westerlund T., A Center-Cut Algorithm for Quickly Obtaining Feasible Solutions and Solving Convex MINLP Problems, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2018 ( ).

J4    Kronqvist J., Lundell A., Westerlund T., Reformulations for utilizing separability when solving convex MINLP problems, Journal of Global Optimization, 2018 (

J3    Eronen V. P., Kronqvist J., Westerlund T., Mäkelä M. M.,  Karmitsa N., Method for solving generalized convex nonsmooth mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems,  Journal of Global Optimization 2017, (

J2    Manngård M., Kronqvist J., Böling J .M., Structural learning in artificial neural networks using sparse optimization, Neurocomputing 2018, (

 J1    Kronqvist J., Lundell A, Westerlund T., The extended supporting hyperplane algorithm for convex mixed-integer nonlinear programming, Journal of Global Optimization 2016, (


Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

C10  Efficient Verification of ReLU-based Neural Networks via Dependency Analysis. Botoeva E., Kouvaros P., Kronqvist J., Alessio Lomuscio, Ruth Misener. Proceedings of the 34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI20)

C9    Kronqvist J., and Lundell A. Convex MINLP – An Efficient Tool for Design and Optimization Tasks?. Computer Aided Chemical Enineering, 2019. 

C8    Lundell, A., and Kronqvist J. On Solving Nonconvex MINLP Problems with SHOT. WCGO 2019, Optimization of Complex Systems: Theory, Models, Algorithms and Applications,  

C7    Lundell, A., and Kronqvist J. Integration of polyhedral outer approximation algorithms with MIP solvers through callbacks and lazy constraintsAIP Conference Proceedings, 2019 ( 

C6    Javaloyes-Antón J., Kronqvist J, Caballero J.A. Simulation-Based Optimization of Chemical Processes Using the Extended Cutting Plane Algorithm, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 43. Elsevier, 2018, pp 463-469.   

C5    Kronqvist J., Lundell A., Westerlund T. A center-cut algorithm for solving convex mixed-integer nonlinear programming problems.  Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 40, pp. 2131-2136, 2017.

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C1    Lundell A., Kronqvist, J., Westerlund, T. An extended supporting hyperplane algorithm for convex MINLP problems. In XII GLOBAL OPTIMIZATION WORKSHOP MAGO’14, pp. 21-24.