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Current research and teaching interests

José Rizal and the invention of Philippine nationalism: the process by which late nineteenth-century Spain's colonialism fatefully relinquished the Philippines to the tender mercies of USA's incipient imperialism. Main emphasis on the part both colonial powers, quite gratuitously, assigned to José Rizal in the process of conversion from nineteenth-century colonialism to twentieth-century imperialism.

Political conflict and cultural exchange in the Iberian Peninsula from the eleventh to the thirteenth century. My main interest lies in the cultural interaction between Muslim and Christian Spain, generally, and translation from Arabic, in particular. The role played by Arabic language and Muslim civilization in the formation of early romance languages and the transfer of scientific knowledge from East to West. Lectures on the subject are part of the History of Translation Course, which is one of the optional modules in the MSc in Translation Studies.

I am also preparing a new Historia de España, which will attempt to incorporate recent research, based on local and regional archives, and archaeological field-work carried out in the last ten to fifteen years. Intended to carry a number of illustrations and appropriate maps.



Lalaguna, J., 2002, A traveller's history of Spain, Moreton-in-Marsh, Windrush, ISBN:9780304362769

Lalaguna, J.A., 1982, Proceedings of the 4th conference of Hispanists in polytechnics and other colleges, 8 - 10 September 1982

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