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I am a Research Associate in the Verification of Autonomous Systems Group led by Prof. Alessio Lomuscio at Department of Computing, Imperial College London. I am currently working on "Verification of Neural Networks" within the DARPA Assured Autonomy Program. Previously, I was a Research Associate at University of Glasgow working with Dr Dezong Zhao on learning and control for autonomous vehicles. I received the Ph.D. degree on "Robust integration of fault estimation and fault-tolerant control" from University of Hull in 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Ron Patton.

My research interests lie broadly in the areas of machine learning, optimization, fault tolerance, and control for autonomous systems.

You might want to check out my personal website to know more about me.



Lan J, Zhao D, Tian D, 2021, Data-driven robust predictive control for mixed vehicle platoons using noisy measurement, Ieee Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, ISSN:1524-9050

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