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Dr. Liu is a Research Fellow at the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London. He is interested in fields related to Biologically Inspired Mobile Robotics. He has a PhD from the University of Essex where he focused on biologically inspired autonomous robotic fish. He successfully built the first autonomous robotic fish. Between 2008 to 2010, he shifted his interests from hydrodynamic propulsion to the human auditory system. He developed a computational mammalian auditory system applied to the sound localisation on mobile robotics at University of Sunderland with collaboration of University of Newcastle. In 2010, he moved to London and joined the Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London. Now he is focusing on natural human-robot speech interaction, pervasive sensing and healthcare mobile robots. 

Dr Liu's current research includes three fields centred upon healthcare mobile robotics.

  • Natural Human-robot Speech Interaction;
  • Pervasive Sensing on Food-intake Monitoring;
  • Human Compliant Manipulator for Healthcare and Surgery Robotics.

Currently, he is a member of IEEE Computer Science Society and reviewer of conferences and journals of IEEE and Springer. He also organises workshops for the Hamlyn Symposium. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Pettitt C, Liu J, Kwasnicki R, et al., 2015, A pilot study to determine whether using a lightweight, wearable micro-camera improves dietary assessment accuracy and offers information on macronutrients and eating rate., British Journal of Nutrition, Vol:115, ISSN:1475-2662, Pages:160-167

Ryuh Y-S, Yang G-H, Liu J, et al., 2015, A School of Robotic Fish for Mariculture Monitoring in the Sea Coast, Journal of Bionic Engineering, Vol:12, ISSN:1672-6529, Pages:37-46

Liu J, Yang GZ, 2014, Robust speech recognition in reverberant environments by using an optimal synthetic room impulse response model, Speech Communication, Vol:67, ISSN:1872-7182, Pages:65-77


Liu J, Johns E, Atallah L, et al., 2012, An intelligent food-intake monitoring system using wearable sensors, Pages:154-160

More Publications