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  • Microbiology of the gut
  • The human microbiome and mucosal communties
  • The Cancer Microbiome
  • Host-microbes interactions in the gut
  • Impact of bacterial produced metabolites in the gut
  • Bioactive and biocatalytic agents from the gut using functional metagenomics

Selected Publications

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Simon JC, Marchesi JR, Mougel C, Selosse MA. Host-microbiota interactions: from holobiont theory to analysis. Microbiome. 2019 Jan 11;7(1):5. doi: 10.1186/s40168-019-0619-4. PMID: 30635058

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Professor David Jones, University of Newcastle, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: MRC STRATIFIED MEDICINE GRANT ON PRIMARY BILIARY CIRRHOSIS: (joint with Newcastle, Birmingham and Cambridge £5,500,000 (£500,000 to Imperial) July 2013-July 2017 (with Professor David Jones, Newcastle as PI)., 2013 - 2017

Dr George Mells, Cambridge University, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: MRC STRATIFIED MEDICINE GRANT ON PRIMARY BILIARY CIRRHOSIS: (joint with Newcastle, Birmingham and Cambridge £5,500,000 (£500,000 to Imperial) July 2013-July 2017 (with Professor David Jones, Newcastle as PI)., 2013 - 2017

Dr Gideon Hirschfield, University of Birmingham, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: MRC STRATIFIED MEDICINE GRANT ON PRIMARY BILIARY CIRRHOSIS: (joint with Newcastle, Birmingham and Cambridge £5,500,000 (£500,000 to Imperial) July 2013-July 2017 (with Professor David Jones, Newcastle as PI)., 2013 - 2017