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Jamil is Clinical Head of the Cardiovascular Division at NHLI. He is a clinical cardiologist with a background in both echocardiography and coronary intervention. He has a leadership role in developing and supporting collaborative groups of clinicians and engineers generating novel technologies and translating them into clinical practice. He has over 190 peer reviewed publications principally in the fields of hypertension, cardiovascular physiology, diastolic dysfunction, left ventricular hypertrophy and coronary disease.

His current main research programme is the assimilation of routine anonymised cardiovascular clinical data to create large datasets to answer key research questions. He heads the NIHR Cardiovascular Health Informatics Collaborative which includes Imperial College London, University College London, Oxford, Cambridge and Kings College London. This is a very succesful collaboration leading to the creation of very large datasets which are enabling several novel important observations. Jamil also has an ongoing clinical research programme investigating arterial physiology.

Jamil's clinical service interests include developing systems of patient care which provide high quality, streamlined and rapid access services. He has worked with several Primary Care Organisations to help design and deliver tailored services to meet the needs of their particular patient population. 

Jamil has also had a leadership role in cardiology education in NW London, including as Training Programme Director. He has an interest in driving academic training and creating a supportive environment, which enables young bright physician scientists to grow and flourish.



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