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Dr John McGinley

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

Research Fellow







774City and Guilds BuildingSouth Kensington Campus






Dr John McGinley is a specialist in design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems.

John received a BA in Physics from University of York and a DPhil at the Clarendon Laboratory and Wolfson College, University of Oxford. He has worked on the design and development of many aspects of MRI technology but  in particular magnets, gradient coils, RF coils as well as spectroscopy and control electronics and software design.

John has worked in these roles at Picker International, Philips Medical Systems and as an independent consultant. He is a co-founder of Innervision MRI which won two Smart Awards and a Millenium Products Award for its Ortho 8000 scanner which is now on display in the Science Museum.

John specialises in highly unusual geometries of magnet system aimed at making MRI far more open and accessible and for specialist applications. He is the author of 12 patents.

In his current role  John is working on the development of a unique rotatable magnet system designed to explot the magic angle effect particularly targeted at highlighting collagen-based tissues such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage particularly in the knee.