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Professor of Pure Mathematics



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Nicaise J, Ottem JC, 2022, Tropical degenerations and stable rationality, Duke Mathematical Journal, Vol:171, ISSN:0012-7094, Pages:3023-3075

Nicaise J, Potemans N, Veys W, 2022, The dlt motivic zeta function is not well-defined, Michigan Mathematical Journal, ISSN:0026-2285

Nicaise J, Ottem JC, 2021, A Refinement of the Motivic Volume, and Specialization of Birational Types, Rationality of Varieties, Vol:342, ISSN:0743-1643, Pages:291-322

Jonsson M, Nicaise J, 2020, Convergence of p-adic pluricanonical measures to Lebesgue measures on skeleta in Berkovich spaces, Journal De L'école Polytechnique. Mathématiques, Vol:7, ISSN:2429-7100, Pages:287-336

Nicaise J, Shinder E, 2019, The motivic nearby fiber and degeneration of stable rationality, Inventiones Mathematicae, Vol:217, ISSN:0020-9910, Pages:377-413

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