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  • O'Connor, J., Gurguc, Z. & Van Dam, K. Reinforcing the social in Social Systems Engineering: Lessons learnt from smart city projects in the United Kingdom. In C. Olayo Nieto & C. Garcia Diaz (eds.) Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity (forthcoming 2016)
  • O'Connor, J. & Torriti, J. 2013. Trust, the Pharmaceutical Industry and the UK Regulatory Environment. In A. Nijsen (ed.) Better Business Regulation in a Risk Society: 157-172. New York: Springer.
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  • O'Connor, J., Gallacher, S., Ozaki, R. & Golsteijn, C. The ties that bind? Exploring the impact of a playful technology installation on weak ties at work. Academy of Management, August 2015, Vancouver, Canada
  • O'Connor, J., Gallacher, S., Ozaki, R. & Golsteijn, C. Play at work: Exploring the impact of an an 'In-the-wild' technology installation in a public sector organization. EGOS, July 2015, Athens, Greece