Imperial College London

Dr Juan David Olarte Plata

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry








109Molecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus







Bresme F, Olarte-Plata JD, Chapman A, et al., 2022, Thermophoresis and thermal orientation of Janus nanoparticles in thermal fields, The European Physical Journal E: Soft Matter and Biological Physics, Vol:45, ISSN:1292-8941

González-Colsa J, Olarte-Plata JD, Bresme F, et al., 2022, Enhanced thermo-optical response by means of anapole excitation., Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol:13, ISSN:1948-7185, Pages:6230-6235

Olarte-Plata JD, Bresme F, 2022, Thermal conductance of the water-gold interface: the impact of the treatment of surface polarization in non-equilibrium molecular simulations., Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol:156, ISSN:0021-9606, Pages:204701-204701

Jiang M, Olarte-Plata JD, Bresme F, 2022, Heterogeneous thermal conductance of nanoparticle-fluid interfaces: An atomistic nodal approach, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol:156, ISSN:0021-9606

Olarte-Plata JD, Bresme F, 2022, The impact of the thermostats on the non-equilibrium computer simulations of the interfacial thermal conductance, Molecular Simulation, Vol:48, ISSN:0892-7022, Pages:87-98

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