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My main research interest is the numerical simulation of fluid flow and fluid-structure interaction with an emphasis in developing the theoretical, numerical and computational techniques that permit us to deal with realistic geometries and complex physics.

The principal threads of my research are focused on the development of enabling technologies for large multi-physics and multi-scale simulations such as the following:

  • Development of high-order CFD solvers for compressible and incompressible flows on unstructured meshes as a viable alternative method to standard CFD solver for obtaining mesh resolved simulations for a given physical length scale of the flow and with currently available computer resources.
  • Implementation of reduced models within simulations of complex multi-scale phenomena to reduce the computational cost whilst maintaining an accurate representation of the geometric and physical scales of interest. These models are also implemented as stand-alone codes and used as tools for providing a more insightful understanding of these complex problems.
  • Geometrical methods as a tool to interpret fluid flow features and behaviour, to determine how geometry influences their fluid flow development, and to facilitate the development of automatic procedures for fluid flow simulations.

The current areas of application are: automatic generation of meshes for in vivo geometries reconstructed from medical images, CFD flow solvers for compressible steady and transient flows in aeronautics and haemodynamics, and reduced models for simulations of flow in networks of tunnels, of aerofoil aeroelasticity and flutter and of arterial pulse propagation.