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I have joined Imperial College London as a Culinary Education Designer in 2019 to work on the Chemical Kitchen project.. Prior to that, I have completed a PhD degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. I used a systems biology approach to investigate Escherichia coli persister cells, which are in a special metabolic state that makes them tolerant to antibiotics. After completing my PhD, I have decided to take a detour to cook, and completed the Grand Diplome course at Le Cordon Bleu London. After that, before I joined ICL, I have been working in fine-dining, Michelin-starred restaurants in London.

My role as a Culinary Education Designer involves working at the Imperial College London and a partner company, Kitchen Theory.

Kitchen Theory is a Multisensory Design Studio and Chef's Table; a gastronomy innovation hub which runs multiple activities including dinners that are open for guests, so they can experience the fruits of KT's research. These dining experiences are a way of engaging with society, bringing science out of the lab for impact, communicating and testing ideas, developing collaborations and working towards the overarching goal of ‘Improving global wellbeing through innovations in gastronomy’.

Currently, I split my time between KT and ICL. In KT, I am cooking and developing new dishes as a chef, as well as doing research and helping create audio-visual content. At ICL, I focus on a project called "Chemical Kitchen", which is a part of the ICL Pedagogy Transformation effort. 

My work on Chemical Kitchen involves designing a course for 1st-year students, in which they will learn laboratory skills and approaches through a non-threatening parallel of cooking. In 2019, this course is directed at Chemistry students, but our plans involve offering the course to other faculties, as well as designing labs for 3rd-year students. Moreover, we will be organizing various outreach activities within ICL and for the public.



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