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Dr Jesus Rogel-Salazar is a Research Associate in the Photonics Group in the Department of Physics at Imperial College London. He obtained his PhD in quantum atom optics at Imperial College in the group of Professor Geoff New and in collaboration with the Bose-Einstein Condensation Group in Oxford with Professor Keith Burnett. After completion of his doctorate in 2003, he took a posdoc in the Centre for Cold Matter at Imperial and moved on to the Department of Mathematics in the Applied Analysis and Computation Group with Professor Jeff Cash.  He has also worked in collaboration with the Electronic Materials Group, Department of Chemistry at Imperial College. His primary research interests include:

  • Data Science, Analytics and Machine Learning 
  • Laser theory
  • Nonlinear optics and waves
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and cold atoms
  • Drift-difussion equations
  • Organic semiconductors and their use in LED's, photodiodes and chemical sensors



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Rogel-Salazar J, 2019, Hyperspace, Contemporary Physics, Vol:60, ISSN:0010-7514, Pages:77-78

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Rogel-Salazar J, Jimenez-Romero HA, Chavez-Cerda S, 2018, Full characterization of Airy beams under physical principles (vol 89, 023807, 2014), Physical Review A, Vol:97, ISSN:2469-9926

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