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I was part of the Super-Resolution Photonics for Advanced Storage Systems (SURPASS) project.

Invited Lectures and Presentations

  • "Modelling light emitting diodes: a Method fo Lines approach", London Centre for Nanotechnology, London, UK (2006)
  • "Squeezing quasiparticle excitations of a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate" , BEC Group, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan (2003)
  • "Quasiparticle excitations in a Bose condensed gas", 12th International Laser Physics Workshop, Hamburg, Germany (2003)
  • "Bose-Einstein condensation", Quantum Information Group seminar, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK (2002)
  • "Bose-Einstein condensation: An introduction to the story of a prediction", Seminario de Ingeniería Física, Universidad Iberoamericana A.C, Santa Fe, Mexico City (2002)


Professor Jeff Cash, Imperial College, Numerical Analysis

Dr Török, Imperial College, Optics

Dr John de Mello, Imperial College, Electronic Materials

Professor Bradley, Imperial College, Solid State

Professor Geoff New, Imperial College, Nonlinear Optics

Prof William Schiesser, Lehigh University, USA, Computational Physics

Dr Sabino Chavez-Cerda, INAOE, Mexico, Light Propagation