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I am a biodiversity theorist with a particular interest in ecological neutral theory and its varied applications. I arrived at Imperial College during January 2012 and I am grateful to the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) for funding me in my current position with a postdoctoral research fellowship and later with an independent research fellowship.  I am also interested in public engagement activities and created the OneZoom tree of life explorer website ( which is now run as an independent registered charity.


Prior to arriving at Imperial I was funded for 3 years with a postdoctoral  research fellowship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).  I was hosted by the University of Leeds but spent 50% of my time abroad at the University of Groningen and the University of Idaho (Moscow,ID).  My PhD (2005-2008) titled 'Spatially Explicit Neutral Models of Community Assembly' was carried out at the University of Leeds under the supervision of Stephen Cornell and Bill Kunin.  My undergraduate training (2001-2005) was in mathematics at the University of Warwick and had a strong bias towards scientific computing and life science applications.  

Selected Publications

  • Rosindell J and Cornell SJ Universal scaling of species-abundance distributions across multiple scales Oikos 122: 1101–1111 (2013)
  • Rosindell J and Harmon LJ, A unified model of species immigration, extinction and abundance on islands, Journal of Biogeography 40(6): 1107–1118 (2013)
  • Rosindell J and Harmon LJ, OneZoom: A fractal explorer for the tree of life PLoS Biology 10(10) e1001406 (2012)
  • Etienne RS, Rosindell J, Prolonging the past counteracts the pull of the present: protracted speciation can explain observed slowdowns in diversification., Syst Biol, 2012, 61, 204-213
  • Rosindell J, Hubbell SP, He F, Harmon LJ, Etienne RS, The case for ecological neutral theory., Trends Ecol Evol, 2012, 27, 203-208
  • Etienne RS and Rosindell J, Comment on ‘global correlations in tropical tree species richness and abundance reject neutrality, Science 336(6089) 1639 (2012)
  • Rosindell J, Hubbell SP, Etienne RS, The unified neutral theory of biodiversity and biogeography at age ten., Trends Ecol Evol, 2011, 26, 340-348
  • Rosindell J, Phillimore AB, A unified model of island biogeography sheds light on the zone of radiation., Ecol Lett, 2011, 14, 552-560
  • Rosindell J, Cornell SJ, Hubbell SP, Etienne RS, Protracted speciation revitalizes the neutral theory of biodiversity, Ecol Lett, 2010, 716-727
  • Rosindell J and Cornell SJ, Species-area curves, neutral models and long distance dispersal Ecology 90(7): 1743-1750 (2009)
  • Rosindell J and Cornell SJ, Species-area relationships from a spatially explicit neutral model in an infinite landscape.,Ecol Lett, 2007, 10, 586-595



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