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Jörg Schumacher

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Research Fellow



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2015-2017 Course: Cell and Developmental Biology. Module for 2nd year biologists on plant nodulation and symbiosis (5 lectures). Keywords: nitrogenase structure/function, chemical nitrogen fixation (Haber-Bosch), regulation of nitrogen fixation and assimilation, rhizobia, legumes, symbiosis, nodulation process, nutrient exchange.

2015-2017 Course: Symbiosis, Plant Immunity and Defence. Module on biological nitrogen fixation for 3rd year biology students (4 lectures). Keywords: detailed biochemistry of nitrogenase, oxygen protection mechanisms, electron transfer, ammonium chemistry, comparative regulation of nif gene expression, synthetic biology of nitrogen fixation, acteylene reduction,  symbiosis, nodulation process, synthetic biology research on nitrogen fixation.

2013-2016 Course: Integrative Systems Biology. Module for 3rd year students on deterministic modelling applied to bacterial two-component signalling (4 lectures). Keywords: structure/function of two component systems (including chemistry of phosphorylation and phosphorylation induced domain swapping), kD, kon koff, kobs, reaction order, rate curves, signal reponse curves, feedback loops, design principles of synthetic circuits, oscillators, bistable systems, deterministic models and ODE.

2012- 2013 Course: Synthetic and Systems Biology. Module for postgraduate students in synthetic biology (4 lectures). Keywords: structure and function of two-component systems, cross talk, mechanisms of signalling fidelity, input/output transfer functions, positive and negative feedback loops, principles of protein engineering, synthetic gene circuits, thermodynamic and kinetic regulation of transcription. 

2013-2015 Course: Genes and Genomics. Module for 2nd year biochemists on translation (5 lectures). Structure/function of ribosome, ribozyme, rRNA, RNA mediated catalysis, regulation of ribosome, tranlation initiation, eleongation, termination, ribosome as target for antbiotics.

2011-2013 Course: Molecular Biology 2. Module for 2nd year biochemists and biologists on transcription (4 lectures): RNA polymerase structure/function and catalysis, transcription initiation, elongation and termination, abortive transcription, thermodynamic and kinetic regulation of transcription initiation, attenuation, stringent contol, small regulatory RNAs, RNA polymerase as target for antbiotics.