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Honorary Research Fellow



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Jorge holds a Maria Zambrano International Talent Attraction Fellowship at UPC, and he is distinguished with an Honorary Research Fellow association with Imperial College London.

He combines these academic roles with part-time industrial roles as Electric Vehicle (EV) and Battery Expert at CTAG, and Lead Consultant at Imperial College Consultants (ICON).

Previously, he was a Fellow of The Faraday Institution, postdoc in Imperial College London and the University of Oxford, visiting researcher at RWTH ISEA Aachen, FEUP and INESC TEC, and visiting lecturer at the University of Sfax.


Jorge holds two master’s degrees with good honours in Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics from the University of Vigo and Aalborg University. He was awarded the PhD in Engineering also from Aalborg in May 2017.


At CTAG, Jorge is currently supporting the development of multi-million laboratory facilities for EV and battery performance and abuse testing for OEMs and TIER-1.

As consultant, he has co-founded an engineering consulting company, and provided services to OEMs and TIER-1, consultancy firms, funding bodies and policymakers.


Jorge has over 12 years of academic R&D experience in the field of batteries and their applications in e-mobility and energy storage. He has worked in more than 20 R&D projects with a combined budget over £80M, including two projects as named researcher and three as PI/co-PI.

He has co-authored 35 peer-reviewed scientific publications (20 as first author), including 14 journal articles (Q1), 2 book chapters and 1 book as editor (in press).

He has supervised 33 undergraduate and postgraduate students in 28 research-oriented projects, including 12 final year projects, and provided 450 hours of teaching.

He has delivered 3 tutorials in IEEE conferences, 19 keynote lectures, and 16 oral and 10 poster presentations in conferences. He has produced 15 video-lessons for a MOOC on Fundamentals of Batteries organized by the European Institute of Technology.


He is involved in the scientific community as co-chair of IEEE UK & Ireland Education Society Chapter, and editor of eTransportation and World Electric Vehicle Journal. He has been the guest editor of two special issues in eTransportation and Energies.

He sits in the technical committee of three IEEE sponsored conferences (IC-REST, VPPC and EVER). He is the currently chairing the regular track in energy storage in VPPC.

Previously, he was the co-chairman of the University of Oxford Research Staff Society ( 6.000 members), and founder member of the Danish Battery Society.


  • World Winner Section of IEEE Industrial Engagement Competition, IEEE UK & Ireland Section, US, 2020
  • Seminar speaker, IEEE VPPC, Spain, 2020
  • Plenary speaker, 6th BMS conf., Germany, 2019
  • Plenary speaker, 3rd automobile conf., Germany, 2017
  • Seminar speaker, VPPC, France, 2017
  • STFC Batteries Early Career, UK, 2017
  • Best Special Session, IEEE EVER, Monaco, 2016
  • Finalist Falling Walls Lab, Spain, 2015
  • Best Paper Award EVs, IEEE EVER, Monaco, 2015



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Schimpe M, Barreras JV, Wu B, et al., 2020, Novel Degradation Model-Based Current Derating Strategy for Lithium-Ion-Batteries, The Electrochemical Society, Pages:3808-3808

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