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José Videira is a PhD student in the QPV group. He was previously an undergraduate student in Imperial College's Physics department, where he completed the MSci Year in Europe programme with his third year at the University of Valencia, Spain.

José has previous commercial experience in UV spectroscopy gas detection and micro-hydroelectricity power generation.

In the QPV group, Jose's main activities are optical modelling, solar cell characterisation and luminescent solar concentrator manufacturing.

Current research topics are focussed around sustainable energy generation:

  • Raytrace models of luminescent solar concentrators
  • Novel optics for commercial algae farming
  • Novel direct concentration optics
  • Photoelectrochemical water splitting (artificial leaf concepts)

Affiliation: Quantum Photovoltaics, Experimental Solid State, Department of Physics, Imperial Colllege London





Videira JJH, Chatten AJ, Bilotti E, 2016, Cylindrical array luminescent solar concentrators: performance boosts by geometric effects, Optics Express, Vol:24, ISSN:1094-4087, Pages:A1188-A1200


Videira, Chatten AJ, Bilotti E, Cylindrical and square fibre luminescent solar concentrators: Experimental and simulation comparisons, 2014 IEEE 40th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC)

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