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Professor of Systems Integration

I retain a position at Imperial College London, where I work closely with colleagues as part of the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation led by Dr Ana Mijic (Centre Director). 

The Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation a Faculty of Engineering initiative located in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. The Centre aims to bring systems engineering and innovation to built infrastructure. It is a Faculty of Engineering initiative, drawing together researchers from across disciplines. 

My research at Imperial has focused on systems integration in civil infrastructure. I was the Laing O'Rourke / Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Systems Integration from 2015-2021. Research activities support the transformation to an advanced manufacturing industry with digital engineering capabilities, with decision-support tools for engineers and managers working on complex engineering projects.

I am now based in Australia, where, from July 2021, I have taken up a role as Head of School of Project Management/Director of the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership in the Faculty of Engineering at University of Sydney.  

In College I have a number of ongoing projects, and am working with a core team including Dr Luigi Mosca, Dr Ranjith Soman and Alexander Zhou. I am continuing to lead a strategic challenge on 'Data-Driven Engineering Design Under Uncertainty' in the Alan Turing Institute/Lloyds Register Foundation Programme on Data-Centric Engineering. I am delighted to be a co-Investigator on a new EPSRC grant that is led by Dr Ana Mijic, called Ventura, which is developing a way to visualize the interconnections between water and housing.

I am a member of Construction Leadership Council, involved in the Transforming Construction initiative, and a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

My trajectory of research involved work with major infrastructure clients, project sponsors and project leaders to visualize and understand how to deliver complex product systems; identify risk and build in resilience and support collaborative working.  The work built on a trajectory of EPSRC-funded research, including the Design Innovation Research Centre (2010-2015) held at the University of Reading, which had a focus on new modes of design in the digital economy and was funded through a Challenging Engineering grant. 

Social media presence includes researchgate and twitter (tweeting in own capacity and retweets don't mean agreement).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Whyte J, Nussbaum T, 2019, Transition and temporalities: spanning temporal boundaries as projects end and operations begin, Project Management Journal, ISSN:1938-9507

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