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My research interests are in systems integration and innovation in built infrastructure. The vision is of radically improving the delivery of complex infrastructure projects. The ambition for the next five years is to identify risk in and build resilience into engineered systems by developing new ways to visualize and understand relationships between parts and the systemic consequences of changes in complex product systems using digital technologies.

Achieving the vision will need a team that brings mathematicians and computer scientists together with scholars of engineering to develop the basis for a new generation of tools and techniques for managing change through the life of complex product systems. I anticipate this bringing learning and innovation from other industries into construction; and exploring fundamentally new approaches that will utilise a range of machine learning, graph theory, systems dynamics and scenario planning techniques. I am working with the Laing O'Rourke Engineering Excellence Team to shape this trajectory of research on systems integration techniques to examine system verification methods with information models; and design in cyber security and system resilience from the beginning.


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PhD students include

Zhou, Shanjing (Alexander) “Digitally-enabled Product Platform Strategies: industrialized building firms, modularity and open innovation”

Zhu, Hongmin (Steve), “Predicting failure rates in repairable and redundant infrastructure systems”

Guest Lectures

Invited Presentation “Integrated Digital Delivery”, Bentley Year in Infrastructure, Marina Sands, Singapore., 2019

Invited Seminar “Systems Integration, Digital Transformation and Project Transition", Bath University, Bath, UK., 2019

Invited Presentation “Influencing Future Industry Practices through the N+ Research Programme”, Transforming Construction Conference, Royal Society, London, UK., 2019

Chaired Session, 36th CIB W78 2019 Conference ICT in Design, Construction and Management in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO), Newcastle, UK., 2019

Systems challenges and digital innovation in construction, 35th Annual ARCOM conference, Leeds Beckett University, 2019

Invited Keynote: Systems challenges and digital innovation in construction, 35th Annual ARCOM conference, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK., 2019

Invited Presentation and Panel “What are the areas of opportunity for consultancy businesses to support our clients?” ACE Digital Leadership Conference,, ACE Digital Leadership Conference, Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK., 2019

Invited Presentation “Digital Twins: A case study” Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Digital Built Environment Conference,, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Digital Built Environment Conference,, London, UK., 2019

Hosted UK ‘Transforming Construction’ Network Plus webinar on “Business Models for Transforming Construction” 3 June 2019, 2019

Opening Panel, with chair of Construction Leadership Council, Construction Minister and Infrastructure Projects Authority, FT Future of Construction Summit, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, UK., 2019

Invited Panel Speaker on “Science and Engineering of Smart and Sustainable infrastructure”, Smart Cities Conference, New York, USA., 2019

Invited Presentation “Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation”, Future Infrastructure Symposium, Digital Advancement Academy, Bentley Systems, London, UK., 2019

Invited Participant, UK Global Expert Mission to Japan, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan., 2019

Closing Keynote “Innovation and its potential: changing organisational cultures and processes”, National Housing Federation Housing Finance Conference, Liverpool, UK., 2019

Hosted Event “Leveraging the Potential of the Construction and Nuclear Sector Deals”, Imperial College London, London, UK., 2018

Invited Presentation: Mott Macdonald ‘lunch and learn’ The role of digital delivery and design in the transformation of construction, London, UK., 2018

Invited Keynote: ‘Integrated digital delivery of major infrastructure projects’, PLM2018 conference, Torino, Italy., 2018

Invited Oral evidence to Lord’s Select Committee Inquiry on Offsite Manufacturing for Construction, House of Commons, London, UK., 2018

Invited Keynote Seminar: “Innovation in civil infrastructure: towards digital maturity”, in keynote lecture series “Rethinking Infrastructure”, University College London, London, UK., 2017

Invited Presentation “Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation” Departmental Research Showcase,, Departmental Research Showcase, Imperial College London, London, UK., 2017

Invited Presentation: “Innovation in infrastructure” Global Policy Forum,, Global Policy Forum, Imperial College London, London, UK., 2017

Invited Presentation “Innovation in Infrastructure” Imperial College London Business Partners event,, Imperial College London Business Partners event, 2017

Co-chair:‘Frontiers of Engineering for Development’, RAEng symposium on Sustainable Global Wellbeing, Oxford, UK., 2017

Invited Keynote “Digital Innovation and the Transformation of Infrastructure Projects", Association of Project Management (APM) Conference, Barbican Centre, London., 2017

Invited Presentation: “Advanced Construction Technology and Productivity”, 2nd CIC-HKU International Productivity Forum, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, China., 2017

Invited Co-chair for Day 2, Construction Mobile Information Technology (COMIT) conference, London, UK., 2016

Invited Presentation “Systems Engineering and Innovation in the Digital Transformation of Rail”, Digital Rail Symposium, Bentley Systems, London, UK., 2016

Organized and Chaired Panel on “Systems Integration in Civil Infrastructure”, INCOSE 2016 International Symposium, Edinburgh, UK., 2016

Invited Presentation ‘Digital transformation of infrastructure’ Acumen 7 event,, Acumen 7 event, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), London, UK., 2016

Invited Presentation “Systems Engineering Approaches to DfMA Production Processes”, Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling for Industrialising Construction: Design, Manufacture and Assembly workshop, Imperial College London, UK., 2016

Invited closing speaker for the ‘Megaproject’ workshop, LUISS, Rome, Italy., 2016

Invited Panel Member ‘VR in Construction’, AR/VR conference, Dublin, Ireland., 2016

Invited Keynote Presentation “Collaborative VR in construction", AR/VR conference, Dublin, Ireland., 2016

Invited Seminar “Systems Integration in Infrastructure Projects” in ‘Strategy and Innovation’ seminar series, Saïd Business School, Oxford., 2016

Invited plenary presentation on “Engineering projects, asset information and the smart city”, ASCE/CSCE/ICE Civil Engineering Triennial Summit 2015: Resilience and Growth for Future Cities, ICE, London, UK., 2015

Invited presentation on “Evidence-based built environment – future construction industry”, RIBA Council, London, UK., 2015

Invited plenary presentation on “Digital information in Delivery: Informing better decisions in the design and operation of buildings and infrastructure”, International Conference on Sustainable Development in Building and Environment (Sudbe), Reading, 2015

Invited Seminar: “Managing change in the delivery of complex projects: configuration management, asset information and 'big data'", Institution of Civil Engineers Webinar as part of a series by the Infrastructure UK Client Working Group Collaborative Project Teams Programme., 2015

Invited Keynote and Panel Member at the Industry Innovations Symposium, CSCE International Construction Specialty Conference at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada., 2015

Invited Speaker ‘Bag Lunch and Learn’, hosted by Mott Macdonald, MTA, Port Authority of NY & NJ, NJ Transit, NY Power Authority,, New York, USA.

Track chair for ‘Systems Engineering’ for CIBW78, Lean & Computing in Construction Congress (LC3), Crete, Greece.