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4.90Royal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





research areas 

  • Multi-body solids modelling (Finite Element Method combined with Discrete Element Method, FEMDEM) including contact detection, contact interaction, fracture model, plasticity model, heat transfer model;
  • Fluid-Solid coupling: adaptive unstructured mesh, Immersed Body Method;
  • Plasticity model;
  • Fracture modelling
  • Multi-physics modelling; 

  • Numerical modelling of coastal and hydraulic engineering;
  • High Performance Computing: MPI and OpenMP.

I’m the principal developer of solid mechanic code: Solidity (, developer of CFD code: Fludity. I also lead in fluid-soild coupling modelling. There are some applications of these codes.


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  • EPSRC grant, ref EP/M012794/1(2015-2018): Reactor core-structure re-location modelling for severe nuclear accidents, £250K;
  • EPSRC EP/H030123/1 2010-2014 GGS - Modelling forces and stresses in gigantic granular systems for coastal engineers  £476K
  • The Royal Society, IE151245 2016-2018: 3D simulation of sediment transport and mass exchange in stratified estuary £12K 
  • NSFC, ref D0601, (2015-2018): Determination on the impact of XBT bias via numerical simulation, 890K RMB
  • NSFC, ref E090705 (2015-2018): High stress area blasting rock fracture mechanism and numerical analysis methods, 840K RMB.


  • Itf-ISF3 (2010-2013): Fractured Reservoirs Consortium: (£178K)
  • SOGREAH, BAIRD & ASSOCIATES (2009-2012): Forces and stresses in armour units and armour layers (£180k)


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AMCG, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London: 

Prof Chris Pain, Prof Matt Jackson, Prof Matt Piggott, Dr Qinghua Lei, Dr Pablo Salinas, Dr Dimitris Pavlidis, Dr Gerard Gorman

Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Imperial College London: 

Professor Bassam Izzuddin, Dr Andy Pullen

Dr Axelle C. Viré, Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Prof. Chin-Fu Tsang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Prof. Ioan Nistor, Dean and Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa

Prof. Anna Maria Ferrero, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Turin

Prof. Mikio Sakai, Resilience Engineering Research Center, Tokyo University

Prof. John Harrison, Keck Professor in Engineering Rock Mechanics, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto


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