Imperial College London

Dr Jan-Michael Ross

Business School

Associate Professor of Strategy



+44 (0)20 7594 5105jan.ross Website




276Business School BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Jan's research studies the role of uncertainty and risk for imitation decisions, competitive interactions, entry, strategic revealing of information, and resource allocation decisions. His research builds on competitive dynamics, real options, and organisational learning to examine how decision makers manage exposures to different types of uncertainty (e.g., endogenous vs exogenous uncertainty; technological and market uncertainty). Research insights build on different contexts (e.g., pharmaceutical industry, Hollywood film studios, manufacturing, sports, oil & gas, universities), to address challenging puzzles of decision makers, such as whether to explore vs exploit, imitate vs innovate, focus vs diversify, delay vs commit, or stabilize vs create flexibility.

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  • Relationship between Sports and Business (IB Knowledge link)
  • Academic entrepreneurship, exploration, and scientific knowledge production (IB Knowledge link)