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Dr Jarvist Moore Frost

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Visualisation of the bond length contraction / expansion in a methano-tris adduct of C60 fullerene

I’m an electronic structure theorist. I specialise in writing bespoke computer code to build models which represent messy, disordered materials. These materials are more difficult to simulate than perfect crystals because the symmetry that normally gives physics such predictive power are broken.

I find the mixture of statistical physics (all those atoms jiggling and wiggling!) and quantum mechanics (all those electrons zooming around) really exciting to imagine and simulate. This work will help us design the materials of the future.

During 2019 I worked at, a small-molecule drugs-discovery startup company that was (unusually) combining machine-learning and electronic structure methods to design new drugs cheaper and more effectively. I now continue a vein of drugs-development research in the academic environment, but specialising in areas not well serviced by for-profit companies (particularly, anti-bacterial resistance), and in the underlying solid-state physics of drugs and biological simulations (particularly, trying to find approximate physical models!). 

My other research aims for 2020 and beyond are to: get a really good grip on understanding charge-carrier mobility in polar semiconductors; find ways to include thermal disorder in electronic structure calculations; automate the fitting of semi-empirical tight-binding quantum models to higher level calculations as surrogate models for large scale calculation. 

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