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Research Postgraduate



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Jesús Manuel Muñoz Tejeda is a postgraduate researcher in the field of electric propulsion within the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London Plasma Propulsion Laboratory (IPPL) under the supervision of Dr. Aaron Knoll. He is also a researcher at the NPI programme of the European Space Agency

His research focuses on the computational and experimental characterization of water-fueled Hall Effect Thrusters, using either the products from water electrolysis (oxygen and hydrogen) or a direct water vapour feed supply.

During this time, he demonstrated for the first time, the practicality of running a Hall Effect Thruster with the products of water electrolysis, in a combined test with the European Space Agency. In parallel, Jesús investigated the use of radiofrequency excitation as a possible way to improve the performance of these systems.

Jesús received his Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM, 2017), and a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M, 2019) and Technical University of Delft (TUDelft, 2019).

Jesús has undergone several professional experiences during this time, being Project Manager at Acatec Aeronautics (Spain, 2016-2017), Thermal Engineer at UC3M (Spain, 2018), Researcher at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (Switzerland, CERN, 2019-2020), Researcher at the TUDelft Space Institute (Netherlands, 2018-2020), Space Technology Advisor at the Swiss Space Centre (now called, Space Innovation, Switzerland, 2020) and Research Director at DZH Dynamics (2019-Present). 

Part of Jesús' PhD was conducted at Stanford University, under the supervision of Mark A. Cappelli in the Space Propulsion Laboratory. 

Research lines:
Space Technologies, Space Propulsion, Space Exploration, Nanorovers, Microgravity, Systems Engineering



Munoz Tejeda JM, Knoll A, 2023, A water vapour fuelled Hall Effect Thruster: characterization and comparison with oxygen, Acta Astronautica, Vol:211, ISSN:0094-5765, Pages:702-715

Tejeda JM, Knoll A, 2023, An oxygen-fuelled Hall Effect Thruster: Channel length, ceramic walls and anode material experimental analyses, Acta Astronautica, Vol:203, ISSN:0094-5765, Pages:268-279


Abbi M, Munoz Tejeda JM, Reza M, et al., Investigation into the Wall Interactions of a Hall Effect Thruster Using Water Vapor as a Propellant, The 37th International Electric Propulsion Conference

Rosati Azevedo E, Jones-Tett K, Larsen H, et al., Sizing and Preliminary Design of a 2-kW Water Propelled Hall Effect Thruster, The 37th International Electric Propulsion Conference

Munoz Tejeda JM, Knoll A, A Water Electrolysis Hall Effect Thruster Computational Model with Radiofrequency Excitation, International Electric Propulsion Conference, no 313

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