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Ji-Seon Kim is Professor of Solid State Physics and Director of the Plastic Electronics Centre for Doctoral Training ( at Imperial College London. She also holds a specially appointed Professorship at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), and held a Visiting Professorship at KAIST (South Korea). She has previously taken up an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge, obtained a PhD in Physics in 2000 under the supervision of Prof. Sir Richard Friend. She is conducting scientific research as a technical consultant for Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) Ltd.

Her research focuses on the basic science and technology of Soft Electronic Materials for Energy and Bio applications, as well as developing new Nanometrology for these materials. Her research programme benefits from multidisciplinary scientific background in theoretical and experimental physics and surface/interface science, which provides a unique perspective to approach the research programme in molecular, polymeric, and hybrid soft electronic materials and devices. She is leading the Nanoanalysis Group (, working together with industrial partners including Samsung, CSEM Brazil, KP-Tech, CDT Ltd. and NPL.

PhD projects for 2020 entry available: Please contact me ( for more details.

MRes course in Plastic Electronic Materials: We are now accepting applications for October 2020 entry!




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