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Professor of Solid State Physics



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Research in Plastic electronics has a very broad scope with many promising applications, including: displays, solar cells, transistors, biosensors and photonic devices. Despite the diversity of uses, all these applications are based on thin films of functional materials and in each case their performance is critically dependent upon the precise arrangement and packing structure of the functional molecules.

The principal research in my group focuses on this fundamental issue, seeking to understand and establish the correlation between nanostructures of functional materials and the performance of associated devices, hence to develop plastic electronics for next generation technology. Our current research is progressing towards establishing a solid science platform in the field of Nanoscale Functional Materials and Devices including organic and organic/inorganic hybrids, perovskites, nanomaterials and related applications, as well as developing novel Nanometrology for controlling and analysing these functional materials and devices.

Our research is based on a collaborative endeavour ranging from material synthesis, processing, characterisation and device fabrication and measurement, which include collaborations with chemistry, physics, materials, engineering-based groups at academia and in industry.

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