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 I am a postdoctoral research associate at the new Centre for Immunology and Vaccinology (CIV). I joined the group of Prof. Xiao-Ning Xu in September 2014. My current research work focuses on investigating B cell responses to HIV and HCV co-infection. 

Before I come to Imperial College London, I have just completed my PhD study in AIDS Institute at the University of Hong Kong. This research group is at the leading edge in the field of AIDS research, education and prevention in China. During the five years of research there, I have been working on the function of humoral immunity against HIV/SIV infection. In particular, I have contributed significantly to revealing the distinct antigenic determinants targeted by the vaccine-induced antibodies tested in macaque models, which indicated the significant role of specific antibody responses in controlling SIV replication. In addition, I have developed a modified bispecific neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 infection, which is a novel construct and promising for passive immunization as a PrEP candidate. 



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