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I joined Imperial College London as a postdoctoral Research Associate after receiving my PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Hong Kong in 2018. My research interest is in applying multi-omics techniques such as epigenomics and metabolomics in epidemiological research to disentangle the mechanisms of complex diseases. I am also interested in applying causal analysis such as Mendelian randomization, to identify causal factors.

My primary focus is understanding the causal relationship of environmental and lifestyle factors with human health, and the molecular mechanisms underlying this relationship. My current research on neurodevelopment, cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease. 

Research portfolio



Huang J, Zuber V, Matthews P, et al., 2020, Sleep, major depressive disorder and Alzheimer’s disease: a Mendelian randomisation study, Neurology, Vol:95, ISSN:0028-3878

Bai W, Suzuki H, Huang J, et al., 2020, A population-based phenome-wide association study of cardiac and aortic structure and function, Nature Medicine, Vol:26, ISSN:1078-8956, Pages:1654-1662

He Z, Zhang CJP, Huang J, et al., 2020, A new era of epidemiology: Digital epidemiology for investigating the novel coronaviral disease (COVID-19) outbreak in China, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Vol:22, ISSN:1438-8871

Wu H-L, Huang J, Zhang CJP, et al., 2020, Facemask shortage and the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak: Reflections on public health measures., Eclinicalmedicine, Vol:21, ISSN:2589-5370, Pages:100329-100329

Huang JV, Leung GM, Schooling CM, 2019, The association of air pollution with body mass index: evidence from Hong Kong’s “Children of 1997” birth cohort, International Journal of Obesity, Vol:43, ISSN:0307-0565, Pages:62-72

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