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Professor Lin''s research experience is in Materials and process modelling, Solid/Computational mechanics, which includes micro-mechanics modelling, and its application in creep-damage, cyclic-plasticity-damage, viscoplasticity and advanced metal forming technologies.

At the University of Sheffield and UMIST, He worked on the development of unified creep-damage, viscoplasticity-damage, coupled creep and cyclic-plasticity damage constitutive equations. These equations were implemented in FE solvers to predict the damage and failure of engineering materials, such as copper, Al-alloys and nickel-based super-alloys, under different working conditions.

At the University of Birmingham, He worked on the development of unified viscoplastic constitutive equations to model micro-structure and damage evolution in hot/warm metal forming processes. Some examples include: (i) phase transformation in hot-stamping with cold-die quenching, (ii) grain growth in superplastic forming, (iii) age precipitation hardening in creep-age-forming, (iv) recrystallisation, grain size and damage evolution in hot rolling, etc.. He is one of the originators for the development of Evolutionary Algorithms (EA)-based optimization techniques for the determination of physically-based unified constitutive equations from experimental data.

He has also developed an integrated facility for micro-mechanics modelling. Particular applications include the forming of micro components, such as extrusion of micro pins, hydroforming of micro-tubes, etc.



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