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Head/Professor in Mechanics of Materials Division



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Research Keywords: Materials and process modelling, Multiscale modelling, Damage mechanics, Crystal plasticity, Metal forming, Hot forging, Hot rolling, Creep-age-forming

Current Research Projects include:

  • Advanced damage modelling - edge cracking in hot rolling. (Corus-Tata)
  • Development of a cold-rolled steel mezzanine floor system, (Kingspan).
  • A novel process: solution-Heat-treatment, Forming and cold-die Quenching (HFQ) - forming complex-shaped, high strength & light-weight Al-panel parts, (EPSRC).
  • Process modelling for tomorrow's engines (PROMOTE) - Microstructure modelling for inertia welding for similar and dissimilar metals, (Rolls-Royce, DTI & EPSRC).
  • A hybrid technique for section rolling (Kingspan).
  • Process and microstructure evolution modelling for hot-stamping of Boron steel - Forming safety critical parts for passenger cars(Arcelor-Mital, France)
  • Mass production of miniature and micro components (MASMICRO), (EU FP6).
  • Multiscale Modelling for Multilayered Surface Systems (M3-2S), (EU FP7)
  • Investigation of microstructure evolution & tool wear in forming IN718 airfoils (Rolls-Royce)
  • Distortion investigation in hot forging of gas-turbine blades, (Doncasters Bleanavon Ltd).

Details for research, please visit: Metal Forming, Materials & Process Modelling (HOT LINK)

Research Student Supervision

Cao,K, "Evolutionary Algorithms in materials modelling"

Cheong,BH, "Modelling of microstructure and damage evolution in superplastic forming"

Foster,A, "Modelling of the effects of stress-states and strain paths on damage evolution"

Garrett,R, "Solution Heat Treatment forming and cold-die quenching"

HO,KC, "Modelling of age-hardening and springback in creep-age forming"

LIU,Y, Characterisation of microstructure and damage evolution in hot deformation"

WANG,CC, "A study into the incremental flow forming of solid cylindrical components"