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Dr. Jie Yuan currently is a Lecturer in Aerospace Centre of Excellence at the University of Strathclyde. Before that, he was a member in Rolls Royce Vibration Technology Centre at Imperial College London. His research mainly focuses on the computational methods for predicting the nonlinear dynamics of the large assembly with mechanical joints in aircraft engines (e.g. fan blade system), and design and optimisation of frictional and novel material based dampers.

He graduated as an aerospace engineer from University of Bristol in 2012 and obtained his PhD degree in dynamics from the Rolls Royce Composite UTC within Bristol Composite Institute in 2016. Before moving to the imperial in 2017, he had worked in Airbus UK for two years leading the research in the multi-diciplinanry design of novel aircraft wing concepts. He holds honorary/Visiting research fellow position from University of Bristol from 2016 and Cranfield University from 2017.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Yuan J, Salles L, El Haddad F, et al., 2020, An adaptive component mode synthesis method for dynamic analysis of jointed structure with contact friction interfaces, Computers & Structures, Vol:229, ISSN:0045-7949

Yuan J, Scarpa F, Allegri G, et al., 2016, Efficient computational techniques for mistuning analysis of bladed discs: A review, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Vol:87, ISSN:0888-3270, Pages:71-90

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