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Dr. Jinfeng Li is a microwave engineer, a specialist in novel reconfigurable RF devices, as well as an authority on liquid crystals-based microwave and millimetre-wave technology. He received the B.Eng. degree (1st class) in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Birmingham and Huazhong University of Science & Technology, in 2013, the MPhil degree in nuclear energy from the University of Cambridge, in 2014, and the Ph.D. degree in liquid crystals based microwave and millimeter-wave electronics engineering from University of Cambridge, in 2019.

From 2019, he joined the University of Southampton as a research fellow, and Imperial College London as a visiting research fellow. His research experiences include (1) microwave and millimetre-wave beam steering and tunable devices based on liquid crystals for 5G, inter-satellite communications, and radio astronomical instrumentation; (2) wireless surface acoustic wave sensors and phased array antenna for monitoring the structural integrity of LNG tanks; (3) light water reactor thermal hydraulics facility and instrumentation development in North Wales; (4) optical fiber based multi-phase flow characterisation; (5) computational modelling of nuclear reactor core using Monte Carlo and deterministic methods for nuclear energy policy decision-making; (6) motor drives of multilevel multicell inverters for fuel economy and sustainable cities; (7) application security and sentiment analysis of big data for stock market forecasting; (8) contact tracing and health informatics for COVID-19 (cited by PNAS and Lancet Public Health).

Dr Li was a recipient of the IET Award, the AP Jarvis Prize, and two Best Paper Awards at the IEEE and IOP conferences, respectively. He was a Cambridge Trust Scholar, Speaker at the 50th & 46th European Microwave Conferences (EuMC), Emerging Technologist with Barclays UK, Editorial Board for 4 Science Citation Index journals, TPC and Session Chair of 5 IEEE conferences, including IEEE ISAP (27th International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation), and IEEE 15th International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology (ICMMT 2023). He was elected Senior Member of China Institute of Communications (CIC), Top 1% reviewer on Publons (Web of Science), Newton Prize (£1m fund) reviewer for the UK National Commission for UNESCO, and grants reviewer for Health and Social Care Delivery Research (HSDR) fund from National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), UK.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Li J, 2023, From liquid crystal on silicon and liquid crystal reflectarray to reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for post-5G networks, Applied Sciences, Vol:13, ISSN:2076-3417, Pages:1-9

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Li J, 2023, Taking flow characterization to new heights by fiber Bragg gratings array, Energies, Vol:16, ISSN:1996-1073, Pages:1-4

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Thesis Dissertations

Li J, 2019, Structure and Optimisation of Liquid Crystal based Phase Shifter for Millimetre-wave Applications

More Publications