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Dr. Jing-Hua Zheng's research focused on developing new technologies for manufacturing lightweight transportation components, targeting on lightweight alloy forming technologies and aiming to achieve low-cost and energy-efficient transportation components with accurate geometries, acceptable mechanical properties and refined microstructures. Dr. Jinghua Zheng joined Imperial College London in 2013, and successively achieved Master (2013-2014), PhD (2015-2019), and then a research associate (2018-present). Her expertise includes:

(i) Structural Integrity: Controlling, evaluating, detecting and modelling the residual stresses in large aluminum alloy components. This includes development of improved manufacturing process, and associated modelling work, for residual stress reduction, aiming to mitigate part distortion issue. (ii) Multi-scale modelling: developing microstructural-evolutionary-theory based visco-elastic & plastic behavior during hot deformation, from small deformation (creep), moderate deformation (hot forming), to severe plastic deformation (hot extrusion), which is used for processing window optimization in industrial application. (iii) Metal forming property control: designing fast and compressed processing routes for cost-effective industrial application. She has conducted extensive research work on designing better processing routes for controlled property and microstructures. 

Dr. Jinghua Zheng is now a key player in the EPRSC LIGHTFORM project and she has long-standing interests in developing new lightweight forming technologies, from microstructure, deformation visco-elastic & plastic behavior, to new process modelling and validation.   



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