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Professor Lamb studied Theoretical Physics at the University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands and obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Amsterdam in 1994. Since 1995 he has resided mainly in the UK, from 1995-1999 at the Mathematics Institute of the University of Warwick (as an EU HCM Research Fellow, EPSRC research associate and lecturer) and since 1999 at Imperial College London (per 2005 as Professor of Applied Mathematics). During this period, he also held an NWO Talent Research Fellowship at the University of Houston (1998) and an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship at Imperial College London (2001-2006). Professor Lamb has held various visiting positions, for instance at IMPA (Rio de Janeiro), UNICAMP (Campinas), MSRI (Berkeley), CRM (Montreal), RIMS (Kyoto) and IRCN (Tokyo).

Professor Lamb was a founder (with Stefano Luzzatto, in 2000) of the Dynamical Systems research group DynamIC at the Department of Mathematics. For more details, see

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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