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Julie Euvrard is a Lecturer in the Department of Physics. Her research focuses on transport and optoelectronic properties of emerging semiconducting materials for solar energy applications, including perovskites and organic semiconductors. In particular, Julie Euvrard is using advanced Hall and carrier-resolved photo-Hall techniques, new and powerful tools that hold promise to rapidly access fundamental properties of semiconducting materials.

Julie graduated with a PhD at CEA Grenoble, France, and University Lille I, France, where she studied electrical doping in organic semiconductors under the supervision of Dr. Dominique Vuillaume (CNRS), Prof. Antoine Kahn (Princeton University) and Dr. Amélie Revaux (CEA). After graduation, Julie joined the group of Prof. David Mitzi at Duke University, USA, where she focused on perovskite materials for photovoltaic applications. In 2021, Julie became a Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow at the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University, USA, where she worked with Prof. Barry Rand and Prof. Antoine Kahn on the development of Hall and photo-Hall effect on organic semiconductors.

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Euvrard J, Yan Y, Mitzi DB, 2021, Electrical doping in halide perovskites, Nature Reviews Materials, Vol:6, Pages:531-549

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