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Senior Lecturer







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Dr Jiang focuses on developing novel manufacturing techniques through the understanding of micro-thermomechanical behaviours for lightweight alloys and solar cells including Ti, Mg, TiAl, Si.

He received his DPhil (Oxford 2013) and followed by two-year post-doc and one-year research fellow at Imperial College studying the microstructural behaviour of engineering alloys. Although at an early stage of his academic career, he has been rapidly gaining an international reputation as evidenced by 8 invited presentations at international conferences, and 1 invited review paper.



Hu Y, Liu Y, Xi J, et al., 2024, Energy dissipation-based LCF model for additive manufactured alloys with dispersed fatigue properties, Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol:159, ISSN:1350-6307

Wang W, Zhang R, Shirzadi AA, et al., 2024, Thermal cracking: Clarifying the effects of phases, voids and grains through characterisation and crystal plasticity modelling, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol:186, ISSN:0022-5096

Wang W, Chan CK, Wang Y, et al., 2024, Fabricating carbon steel/Ti composites through forge-welding via in-situ interfacial reaction of Ni coating, Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol:893, ISSN:0921-5093


Huang Y, Jiang J, 2024, Experimental and Crystallographic Studies of Pyramidal <c+a> Slip in Magnesium, Pages:429-436, ISSN:2195-4356

Wang Y, Liu Y, Jiang J, 2024, Temperature Effect in the Nickel-Superalloy Forming Process by Solid-State Bonding, Pages:221-228, ISSN:2195-4356

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