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Professor Kieran Arasaratnam Associate Director, Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation

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Kieran is a Professor-in-Practice and co-director of Gandhi Center Inclusive Innovation at Imperial College Business School in London. An Imperial PhD alumni, Kieran spent 15 years in the banking sector where he worked for Barclays Capital, Morgan Stanley and HSBC across the Europe, US and Asia. Over the course of his career, he has worked on various financial innovation initiatives that have had a transformative impact on his industry.

Over the past decade, Kieran has been applying his expertise in finance and risk management to a series social enterprise and impact investment projects. This includes the establishment of Uinspire Academy, a global platform looking to affect positive social change. His philanthropic pursuits have coincided with ongoing work in the field of financial technology which spans blockchain, data science and AI.

His work at the Gandhi Center is now focused on harnessing his various disciplines across science, technology, and finance. By operating at the nexus of innovation, public policy, and social science, Kieran is focused on solutions that tackle global poverty; create universal access to productive power; eliminate preventable child and maternal mortality; increase economic opportunity; and combat climate change in new and innovative ways.

Kieran is applying computation, data and analytics to solve large-scale and high impact social problems relating to welfare education, healthcare, energy, transportation, economic development, and public safety. His work includes leveraging international partnerships and government policy, while working closely with local communities and organisations, to accelerate impact and address the root causes of global inequality.