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Ms Karen E. Makuch

Faculty of Natural SciencesCentre for Environmental Policy

Senior Lecturer



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209Weeks BuildingSouth Kensington Campus




PhD students


Syafrina Mohd. SharifEnvironmental Access Rights in Malaysia.   Funding awarded by: Federal Government of Malaysia, 2013-2016.    *PhD Successfully defended in November 2016.*

Punitha Silivarajoo    - Regulatory & Policy Interventions for Low Carbon Green Growth in Malaysia.   Funding awarded by: Federal Government of Malaysia, 2014-2017, with Santander Travel Grant, 2014.     *PhD Successfully defended in July 2017.*


Miriam Aczel - Regulation of Shale Gas Fracturing.  Funding awarded by: Imperial College London President's Scholarship 2016-2019.  

Dylan Fuszyfer - Energy & Gender. Funding awarded by: National Council of Science and Technology, Mexico.

Diego Hopkins - Valuation of natural resources: implementation of legal framework.  Funding awarded by: CONCYTEC (El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica), Peru.

Courtnae BaileyClimate Finance and Water Law & Policy Frameworks in the Caribbean Region. Funding Awarded by Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, London, Commonwealth Scholar, 2017-2020. 

Shirin Hakim  - examining the impact of economic sanctions on the environment. Her core research interests include sustainable development in the MENA region, water resource management, and environmental diplomacy.

Guest Lectures

Various, University of Surrey, UCL

Research Student Supervision

Abad-Jara,M, Assessment of Implementing the IPPC Council Directive 96/61/EC in CEEC and Candidate Countries: A Model Implementation Strategy (co-supervisor)

Baltazzi,M, The Need for a New World Environment Order

Bottrill,L, A comparative analysis of the illegal timber and narcotics trades in source countries

Carr,B, WTO & Agricultural Trade Liberalisation: Implications for Sustainable Agriculture (co-supervisor)

Cuthbertson,L, Non-Timber Forest Products: Barriers to Success

Czerska,A, Sludge Management – Science and Legal Drivers (c-supervisor)

Della Méa,R, Payment for Watershed Services in Brazil

Dunlop,J, EIA feedback process and enhancement of future project proposals


Hood,J, Can the UK Government afford not to include formal Education for Sustainable Development in the National Curriculum? An Appraisal

Hui,G, Transport and Fuel Cell Development in China

Jones,C, Developing a series of process indicators for ICZM – with East Riding Council. (winner of EAA Option Prize)

Ma,A, Investigating Different Tap Water Household Handling Treatments to Determine the Effects of Disinfectant By-Products (co-supervision)

McCoy,K, Reducing the role of the UK in the illegal timber trade: A critical analysis of the proposed ‘Illegally Logged Timber (Prohibition of Sale and Distribution) Bill (co-supervisor)

Okori,J, Public Perceptions of Waste Management Legislation in Nigeria (co-supervision)

Patel,A, Modelling in the unsaturated zone- P20 Model (co-supervisor)

Poulstrup,E, Eco-Management for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises - Impact on Implementing the European Union’s Environment Policy? (Uni. of Leicester)

Rendell,M, Challenging the Myths about Government Sustainable Builds (co-supervisor)(with NAO)

Scott,P, What drives British Energy to actively manage its Carbon Footprint? Is it doing this in the most effective way? (Sponsored by British Energy Empower Scheme)

Shu,X, Cooling Down Hot Air: Benefits and Barriers of Green Investment Schemes in Economies in Transition (with EcoSecurities)

Snow,P, Environmental Law & Policy various

Stone,L, Access to Environmental Justice and Public Participation in Rural Africa – the Role of Radio in Policy-Making (co-supervisor)

Vasdev,S, The Clean Development Mechanism and Sustainable Development: Perspectives from India

von Benzon,N, Children’s Rights Wronged? Exploring a Right for Disabled Children to Experience Nature