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Kun joined the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group at Imperial College Business School in March 2012 as a Research Associate after being awarded a PhD degree in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi University.  

Her research interests mainly lie in the fields of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. She has been investigating the impact of knowledge base of industrial cluster on innovation performance of start-up firms and national institutions, such as IPR regime and competition policy on the emergence of technology entrepreneurship.

She is currently working with Professor Autio on the project “Contextual Influences on Entrepreneurship”, which investigates how entrepreneurs react to their contexts and examines the outcomes of this process such as firm creation, growth aspiration, innovation, and internationalization.



Autio E, Fu K, 2015, Economic and political institutions and entry into formal and informal entrepreneurship, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol:32, ISSN:0217-4561, Pages:67-94

Parikh P, Fu K, Parikh H, et al., 2014, Infrastructure Provision, Gender and Poverty in Indian slums, World Development, Vol:66, ISSN:1873-5991, Pages:468-486

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