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Prof Klaus Hellgardt

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Professor of Chemical Engineering



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Supervisor, Final Year Facilitator. (Undergraduate)

Supervisor, LINK projects. (Undergraduate)

Supervisor, MSc projects (various). (Postgraduate)

Supervisor, R&D projects. (Undergraduate)

Advanced Chemical Engineering Design Practice Final Year Design - CENG97006


The Design Project has the objective of giving students experience of advanced design practice by carrying out a complex design task in as realistic a way as possible. The desired learning outcomes include producing a comprehensive design in response to an open-ended brief, while working in a large team, under realistic time pressure and on the basis of limited information.

The main aims of the Design Project are to help students:

develop skills in complex design problem-solving including technical, safety, environmental and economic aspects

develop skills in the effective management of work and decision making in large groups

develop skills in the presentation (oral and written) of complex techno-economic results


Course Leader

Carbon Capture and Clean Fossil Fuels - CENG97029


 Students taking this course will be able:

              To understand how the environmental impacts of fossil fuels in general can be minimised

              To understand how syngas can be generated and used

              To understand issues relating to industrial CCS

              Understand how a range of technologies, including more advanced power cycles can minimise the costs of CO2 avoidance

              To understand CO2 capture from a range of processes, including how efficiency drops for power stations are calculated

              To understand CO2 storage

              To consider issues of media reporting of CCS

              To understand the wider picture of energy production