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I am looking after the clean Labs of MAGIC and its users since November 2008. My major aim is to provide training, guidance, and equipment, to use my expertise and experience to help and support everyone in the Labs as well as keep downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum so they can successfully finish their PhD’s or research projects. If I help guide a PhD student to become self-confident, happy and free to ask questions and make mistakes, a thoughtful and careful worker in the Lab, then I consider my Job well done.

I studied Mineralogy at the University of Göttingen, Germany, from 1990-1995 before moving to Switzerland where I completed my PhD in Isotope Geology at the University of Bern in 1999. I was Research Fellow at the Universities in Bristol (UK) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands) until 2005 and worked in industry as XRD-Analyst at PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V. (The Netherlands) before moving to Imperial College. I love problem solving and a clean orderly Lab but do miss fieldwork and some metamorphic rocks and minerals on occasion. Although I do get to see some beautiful fish teeth as a treat sometimes.  



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