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AB - Here, we present a new type of potassium sensor which possesses a combination of potassium sensing and anti-biofouling properties. Two major advancements were required to be developed with respect to the current technology; Firstly, design of surface linkers for this type of coating that would allow deposition of the potassiumselective coating on Iridium (Ir) wire or micro-spike surface for chronic monitoring for the first time. As this has never been done before, even for flat Ir surfaces, the material’s small dimensions and surface area render this challenging. Secondly, the task of transformation of the coated wire into a sensor. Here we develop and bench-test the electrode sensitivity to potassium and determine its specificity to potassium versus sodium interference. For this purpose we also present a novel characterisation platform which enables dynamic characterization of the sensor including step and sinusoidal response to analyte changes. The developed sensor shows good sensitivity (<1 mM concentrations of K+ ions) and selectivity (up to approximately 10 times more sensitive to K+ than Na+ concentration changes, depending on concentrations and ionic environment). In addition, the sensor displays very good mechanical properties for the small diameter involved (sub 150 μm), which in combination with anti-biofouling properties, renders it an excellent potential tool for the chemical monitoring of neural and other physiological activities using implantable devices.
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