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Stripe K, 2024, Bespoke Learning Design – One Course, Multiple Cohorts, International Society for Design and Development in Education - Educational Designer, ISSN: 1759-1325

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Stripe K, Ntonia I, 2023, Twenty-two recommendations for inclusive teaching and their implementation challenges, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, Pages: 1-26, ISSN: 1759-667X

Higher Education institutions across the world hold a moral and, in many cases, legal responsibility to make their educational offerings accessible and inclusive. Typically, universities may rely solely on checklists of recommendations, which although a key component of developing equitable and inclusive teaching, often fall short of accounting for the multifaceted range of attributes a holistic definition of inclusivity entails. This paper posits that there is a need for better understanding of potential implementation barriers, coupled with guidance and support for both practitioners as well as policy makers. Research reported in this paper presents an analysis of UK equality legislation as it relates to Higher Education and a range of institutional support documentation. This documentary analysis is used to explore, with practitioners, the opportunities for and barriers to implementing recommendations for inclusive learning at a highly selective, science focussed institution. The paper concludes in twenty-two recommendations for inclusive practice and offers them as a tool for others to use in the pursuit of developing more inclusive education, while giving readers the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the those from the research institution.

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Stripe K, Simpson-Bergel E, 2023, (Re)defining learning design: a framework fit for the twenty-first century, Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol: 16, Pages: 121-136, ISSN: 2044-0073

Learning design as we know it is at a crossroads. Based on learning theories published almost a hundred years ago, it is designing for in-person learning and a student demographic that hasn’t been seen since the 1950s. In the twenty-first century, and particularly post Covid-19, the field is long overdue for an update that puts blended and online learning at the forefront, addresses the inevitable link between the internet and education and responds to the changing demographics of learners in higher education. This paper will look at pedagogy and learning design through a modern lens with an aim to redefine the field and develop a new framework for learning design that is intuitive, inclusive, and grounded in the current century.

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Stripe K, Dallison K, Alexandrou D, 2021, Using personas to promote inclusive education in an online course, International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education, Vol: 10, Pages: 1634-1638, ISSN: 2047-0533

Inclusion and diversity are themes at theforefront of education development and the subject ofmuch institutional level policy. However, there aredifferences that can be made at the course or evenmodule level by local teams that will bothcompliment institutional policy and have animmediate impact on students. This paper aims todescribe the process taken to embed diversity andinclusion into an online career development shortcourse. We will explain how user experiencepersonas, created in the design phase of the course,developed into an integral part of the coursecurriculum and how they are used to show diversityto a fully asynchronous online cohort. We discusshow theories of pedagogy and design can becombined to have a positive impact on the sense ofbelong for all students. Finally, we explore howthese theories can be applied to wider practice andoffer suggestions for how other courses can use ourprocess to embed elements of diversity into theirprogrammes, and hopefully increase a sense ofstudent belonging.

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