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Education & Career

Dr Konstantinos Zavitsas has a Masters of Engineering in Civil Engineering (2006) and a PhD in Operational Research and Transport (2011) from Imperial College London.

As a PhD candidate he conducted research on the operation and management of transport networks focusing on the vulnerability of the oil supply chain. For his PhD he worked on the simulation of global oil trade, taking into consideration the existing oil supply chain infrastructure and looking for potential design improvements. Network vulnerability assessment was conducted using an innovative algorithm that utilised game theory to yield more accurate results.

As a Research Assistant (2010) he was involved in the European Union funded (FP7) research project CONDUITS, where he worked in a team of leading expertrs in the field of traffic management and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This project aimed at developing performance prediction indicators to assist urban transport authorities in making investment decisions. Research involved gathering and processing data from local transport authorities (40 European cities) aiming to benchmark transport technologies and establish state-of-the-art of transport management in Europe. His duties included assessing the impact of transport technology and transport management schemes in terms of mobility, efficiency, environmental impact and safety.

Current Work

Dr Konstantinos Zavitsas is currently a Research Associate at Imperial College London working for European Union funded (Fp7) research project SmartEn in the field of transport networks asset management. The project attempts to utilise expertise from various disciplines to yield technical and managerial improvements on the optimisation of network maintenance planning.

Research Interests

The technical, operational and managerial improvement of the efficiency, sustainability and safety of transport networks and supply chains.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zavitsas K, Zis T, Bell MGH, 2018, The impact of flexible environmental policy on maritime supply chain resilience, Transport Policy, Vol:72, ISSN:0967-070X, Pages:116-128

More Publications