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Dr Katerina Petropoulou received her PhD in July 2019 and is currently working as Innovation Hub Manager and Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Nutrition Research Group under the supervision of Professor Gary Frost.

Her research is focused on identifying dietary tools to tackle nutrition related chronic diseases. During her PhD she tried to understand the effect of unique plant based food structures, with high resistant starch content, on gastrointestinal digestion and metabolic related biomarkers, appetite, weight prevention and glucose homeostasis.

In March 2019, she presented the results of her PhD at the STEM for BRITAIN competition at the Houses of Commons and received the STEM for BRITAIN Inaugural Physiological Society award. 

Prior to her PhD studies she worked as a Research Assistant and Dietetic Research Assistant in the same group where she was actively involved in large UK and European Human Clinical Trials. She moved to Imperial College London after completing her undergraduate studies in Human Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University in 2012. 



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Frost G, Domoney C, Wilde P, et al., 2021, Foodstuffs having improved digestion properties, WO2022053494A1

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