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Pugh, J.E., Anjum, A., Petropoulou, K., Thom, G., Mccombie, L., Tashkova, M., Alaraj-Alshehhi, S., Babalis, D., Prechtl, C., Lean, M.J. and Prevost, A.T., 2022. Increase in colonic PRopionate as a method of prEVENTing weight gain in adults aged 20–40 years (iPREVENT): A multi-centre, double-blind, randomised, parallel-group study to investigate the efficacy of inulin-propionate ester versus inulin (control) in the prevention of weight gain over 12 monthsF1000Research11(1157), p.1157.


Petropoulou, K., Salt, L.J., Edwards, C.H. et al. A natural mutation in Pisum sativum L. (pea) alters starch assembly and improves glucose homeostasis in humans. Nat Food (2020).


K. Petropoulou, L. Salt, F Warren, C. Domoney, P. Wilde, G. Frost. 2017. A Seed Trait Studied by Gregor Mendel in Pisum Sativum L. (Pea): Potential Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. In J. C. Jimenez-Lopez (ed.) Legumes for Global Food Security (pp.129-156), Nova Science Publishers. ISBN: 9781536122657


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Domoney, T. Rayner, P.G. Isaac, F. Warren, C. Moreau, G. Frost, K. Petropoulou, J. Cheema. Improving Nutritional and Health-Associated Traits in Pisum Sativum (Pea). International Legume Society Meeting, May 2019.

URL: - Book of Abstract.pdf

Greenwood, D.C., Hardie, L.J., Frost, G.S., Alwan, N.A., Bradbury, K.E., Carter, M., Elliott, P., Evans, C.E., Ford, H.E., Hancock, N. and Key, T.J., 2019. Validation of the Oxford WebQ online 24-hour dietary questionnaire using biomarkers. American journal of epidemiology, 188(10), pp.1858-1867.


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Beck, L.W., Petropoulou, A., Hillier, S. and Clegg, M.E., 2012. A comparison of body composition measurement techniques. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society71(OCE2).




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STEM for BRITAIN, House of Commons, March 2019: Winner of the STEM for BRITAIN Inaugural Physiological Society Award. ‘’Using Wrinkled-seeded peas to prevent Type 2 Diabetes’’

Imperial College, Department of Investigative Medicine Divisional Away Day, November 2018: Winner for the lay abstract competition within the division. ‘’A seed trait studied by Gregor Mendel in Pisum sativum L. (pea) offers potential for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes’’


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Diet and Health Research Industry Club Dissemination Event (BBSRC), Oxford, June 2015. ‘’The effect of dietary resistant starch on glucose homeostasis’’

Diet and Health Research Industry Club Dissemination Event (BBSRC), Northampton May 2016. ‘’Does the increased resistant starch content of rr mutant peas modulate post prandial glycaemia by altering rates of gastric emptying?’’

Diet and Health Research Industry Club Dissemination Event (BBSRC), Birmingham, February 2017. ‘’ A food product made from pea flour with increased resistant starch content stimulates greater postprandial GLP-1 release’’

Diet and Health Research Industry Club Dissemination Event (BBSRC), Manchester, October 2017. ‘’An in vivo method to investigate the effects of food structure on digestion and bioaccesibility at different sites of the gastrointestinal tract.’’

Agri-Tech East, Powering Pea Productivity, April 2019. ‘’Dietary resistant starch from peas for healthy glucose homeostasis; the potential of rr peas’’

Diet and Health Research Industry Club Dissemination Event (BBSRC), Birmingham, February 2020. ''Seeding Award Update: Food Hackathon 2020: Food Industry experts to turn cutting edge research into future food products''

Public Engagement

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Key Speaker at:

Imperial Science Festival, May 2015. ‘’Fantastic Fibre’’

Imperial Fringe Festival, February 2016. ‘Food of Tomorrow’

Science Museum, London, September 2016. ‘Messages from Your Gut’ event

Imperial Science Festival, May 2017. ‘’Peas and Fibre’’