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Dr Ken Vinck is a Lecturer in Geotechnics. He completed an MSc in Civil Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium, in 2008, before working in multiple countries as a geotechnical engineer. He joined Imperial College London, obtaining an MSc in Soil Mechanics in 20016 and a PhD in Geotechnics in 2021. During this period, he participated in the advanced laboratory and field testing conducted for the ALPACA and ALPACA Plus JIPs, which focused on developing new guidelines for driven piles in Chalk.


Dr Vinck has a keen interest in advanced laboratory testing, soil and site characterisation and field experiments that contribute to resolving geotechnical problems encountered in the near and offshore industry.



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Liu T, Jardine RJ, Vinck K, et al., 2022, Optimization of advanced laboratory monotonic and cyclic triaxial testing on fine sands, Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol:45, ISSN:0149-6115, Pages:1087-1107

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Ahmadi-Naghadeh R, Liu T, Vinck K, et al., 2022, A laboratory characterisation of the response of intact chalk to cyclic loading, Géotechnique, ISSN:0016-8505

Liu T, Ahmadi-Naghadeh R, Vinck K, et al., 2022, An experimental investigation into the behaviour of de-structured chalk under cyclic loading, Géotechnique, ISSN:0016-8505

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