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Dr Keng Tiong (Kelvin) Ng

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Research Associate



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Kelvin completed his BSc in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2010) and MSc in Drug Discovery and Development (2011) at University of Sunderland (UK). During his BSc and MSc studies, he undertook a year-out industrial placement at a contracted manufacturing organisation, Onyx Scientific (UK) and a 3-months summer project at a multinational pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca (UK). At the end of his MSc, he successfully secured a PhD studentship, sponsored by bioMérieux (France) and supported by a supervisory team including, the late Prof. Rosaleen J. Anderson, Dr. Mark Gray and Prof. John D. Perry. His PhD project was looking into the synthesis of peptidomimetic compounds and their feasible incorporation to the bacteria media to enhance their selectivity in identification of pathogenic bacteria. 

Upon completion of his PhD in 2016, he started his postdoctoral position at University of Sunderland and two years later at King’s College London with research encompassing a range of disciplines, including peptide synthesis, analytical chemistry, and ecotoxicology. In 2019, he was awarded with a two-year UK Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship by Royal Academy of Engineering, on a research project aims at the identification of potential markers that are already present and/or can be added to explosive threat precursors to intercept Clandestine activity via wastewater analysis. He later moved to Imperial College London in 2020 to continue his UK IC fellowship programme within Dr. Leon Barron's Emerging Chemical Contaminant Group, in collaboration with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), Metropolitan Police Service and National Physical Laboratory (NPL). 

Aside from the postdoctoral role, he is also a member of Royal Society of Chemistry and a member of Health Protection Research Unit (HPRU) in Chemical and Radiation Threats and Hazards at Imperial College London. His research interests are wastewater analysis, illegal chemicals, explosives, and pharmaceutical analysis. 



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Ng KT, Rapp-Wright H, Egli M, et al., 2020, High-throughput multi-residue quantification of contaminants of emerging concern in wastewaters enabled using direct injection liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry., Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol:398, ISSN:0304-3894, Pages:1-14

Ng KT, Perry JD, Marrs ECL, et al., 2020, Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of phosphonopeptide derivatives incorporating single and dual inhibitors, Molecules, Vol:25, ISSN:1420-3049, Pages:1-25

Miller TH, Ng KT, Bury ST, et al., 2019, Biomonitoring of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in a freshwater invertebrate to estimate toxic or effect pressure, Environment International, Vol:129, ISSN:0160-4120, Pages:595-606

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