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Dr Kevin Gouder leads a team of researchers and engineers at the 10’×5’ wind tunnel, the flagship of the National Wind Tunnel Facility initiative ( The team enables and conducts research, and provides wind tunnel services to the aeronautical and civil wind engineering sectors. Dr Gouder’s team provide wind tunnel consultancy services to the civil wind engineering sector, exploiting the long development fetch length of the 10’×5’ tunnel. The team works alongside wind engineering consultants, providing them with simulated atmospheric boundary layers at scale, and with measurements in wind environment, pedestrian safety and comfort, building cladding wind loads, building wind loads, wake assessments of proposed structures and their effect on nearby airfields and helipads, and studies in the outer flow-inner flow interactions around civil structures. Through collaboration with other researchers (Morrison and Santer) in the Department, Dr Gouder’s team and the 10’×5’ wind tunnel are enabling post-doctoral research in more efficient effusion film cooling for gas turbine blades (with Dr Jeremy Basley)  supported by Rolls Royce, and post-doctoral research in the development of surface wave technologies for friction drag reduction (with Dr Zahra Soltani and Dr Isabella Fumarola) supported by Airbus. Dr Gouder, Prof Graham and an MEng student are conducting research on the distortion effects of wind turbine rotors on the oncoming, upstream turbulence. Dr Gouder is leading the Department’s participation in the recently announced Common Research Model in High Lift configuration (CRM-HL) project led by QinetiQ and Boeing. The 10’×5’ tunnel will be the first facility to receive the CRM-HL half span model in Q3 2021, and, guided by Dr Gouder, would provide the first open-access data set of measurements on the CRM-HL, funded by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zhao X, Gouder K, Graham JMR, et al., 2016, Buffet loading, dynamic response and aerodynamic control of a suspension bridge in a turbulent wind, Journal of Fluids and Structures, Vol:62, ISSN:1095-8622, Pages:384-412

Gouder K, Zhao X, Limebeer DJN, et al., 2015, Experimental Aerodynamic Control of a Long-Span Suspension Bridge Section Using Leading- and Trailing-Edge Control Surfaces, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol:24, ISSN:1558-0865, Pages:1441-1453

Gouder K, Potter M, Morrison JF, 2013, Turbulent friction drag reduction using electroactive polymer and electromagnetically driven surfaces, Experiments in Fluids, Vol:54, ISSN:0723-4864

Rennie CE, Gouder K, Taylor DJ, et al., 2011, Nasal inspiratory flow: at rest and sniffing, International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology, Vol:1, Pages:128-135

Potter M, Gouder K, Morrison JF, 2010, A numerical model for electro-active polymer actuators with experimental validation, Sensors and Actuators A-physical, Vol:170, Pages:121-130


Gouder K, Morrison JF, 2009, The Effects of Periodic Surface Forcing on a Turbulent Boundary Layer, European Turbulence Conference

Gouder K, Morrison JF, 2009, Turbulent friction drag reduction over electroactive polymer smart surfaces, KATnet Conference on Key Aerodynamic Technologies

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