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Dr Klementyna Gawecka

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Academic Visitor



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Skempton BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Dr Klementyna Gawecka is a Teaching Fellow in the Geotechnics section. She completed her MEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London in 2013 before joining the Geotechnics section to undertake a PhD in numerical modelling of geothermal piles. Her research has involved the development of the bespoke Imperial College Finite Element Program (ICFEP) by implementing a new constitutive model capable of simulating thermo-mechanical behaviour of soils, and creating numerical tools for modelling of ground source energy systems. These developments have enabled the modelling of a variety of geothermal (or thermo-active) structures such as piles, retaining walls or tunnel linings, with piles being the main focus of her work. Her research was presented at the prestigious Rankine Day Seminar in 2017. Following completion of her PhD in 2017 she undertook the Teaching Fellow position, where she teaches a number of geotechnics modules to undergraduate and master students, as well as supervises group and individual research projects.



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Cui W, Potts DM, Zdravković L, et al., 2019, Formulation and application of 3D THM-coupled zero-thickness interface elements, Computers and Geotechnics, Vol:116, ISSN:0266-352X, Pages:1-11

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